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Rockin' the Practice Challenge

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 by Roxy Roth | Studio Challenges

Hi ,

We are kicking things up a notch in the studio with another Challenge this month...

Rockin' the Practice Challenge!

  • Each week students have ONLY one chance to accomplish new tasks/goals...from rehearsal time, to putting gigs together, to collecting autographs, and performing and more.
  • An important part of this challenge is having the students organize their time to be successful.  Students may need help from parents with the organization of this challenge.
  • if the task is not possible (ie.  you are out of town and don't have access to their instrument on the Sunday) please TEXT/EMAIL me with an alternate solution for me to approve.
  •  The final week we will be calling on the Parent Paparazzi 
  • if you are away this week, please print the attached challenge to get started (the start of the challenge will NOT be delayed.)

Each week students are successful, their personal "Star" will move it's way up from the coffeehouse to the big stage (come see the studio to see what I mean!)  Good luck to all the students!

Rockin the Practice Challenge UPDATE

  • A whopping 14 STUDENTS...that's 50% of students successfully completed the challenge and earned a "practice toolbox" packed with fun ways to spice up their practice.  I invite you to ask them about it!  I couldn't be more proud :)
  • An additional 3 students won the draw for bigger prizes:  Tarryn = iTunes gift card, Judah + Brooke = T-shirts