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Rockin The Practice Challenge!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 by Roxy Roth | Uncategorized

Hi folks,

Students now have some Holiday selections to work on for this weeks rehearsal of the

Rockin The Practice Challenge!

They will be getting the challenge at their lesson this week. The challenge is to:

  • Rehearse for 15min on:
    • Friday morning before school
    • Sunday morning before breakfast and
    • Monday evening before bed

The challenge starts after this weeks lesson, and they MUST have a parent initial the week 1 boxes in order to be entered in the challenge for great prizes.

Parents - please support them by reminding them of the challenge details.  Pro Tip: hang the challenge on a bedroom door or a fridge or location they visit often (ie. stick on their ipad) throughout the next 4 weeks as the challenge gets harder as we go!

Instrument Tuning

If your piano has not been tuned in a year, time for a tune-up! Deborah McCann is an excellent Piano Tuner I recommend.

Guitar students, if you have not changed your strings in a is a good time to do so! Acorn music can affordably do this for you, or if you get new strings I can send you a YouTube video to help you at home.

Playing on well-tuned instruments is important for ear-training, and sounding great! :D

In laughter and in song,