Policies 2015/16 - DRAFT

2015-16 DRAFT

Teacher Responsibilities

Teachers are expected to teach students the language of music and how to communicate in this language with others. We teach music to inspire musical curiosity and creativity. 

In The Groove is a positive, supportive and enthusiastic environment. Teachers are expected to tailor the curriculum to match your child’s specific learning needs ands strengths. Questions or concerns will be responded to within 72 hours (Monday-Fridays). Email/text is the best way to get in touch with our teachers.

Student & Family Responsibilities

Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with their assignment books and music. Please read your child's assignments in their binder on a regular basis and be sure to ask questions.

Developing good practice habits is essential.  Student retention of information is best if they go home and practice after their lesson.  Theory is best completed at the beginning of the week and technique should be included in every practice day to help enhance the learning process. To make good progress, practice for 5 days is ideal.  Please keep in touch with me regarding your child's practice habits at home so that we can develop strategies together.  If you are the parent of an elementary age student, please plan to sit with your child for at least a portion of their daily practice time.

If something is happening at home or school that is affecting your child please let us know. Please err on the side of letting me know more so we can be sensitive to the needs of your child. A quick text on the way to lesson can make the difference between a great lesson and a difficult one. (Did Max just find out that he didn't get the part in the play? Give us a heads up. Was Jane hospitalized on your recent trip to Thailand? Let us know.)

All students must have appropriate instruments to play on.  Piano's should be tuned twice a year (fall and spring).  Keyboards should have touch-sensitivity (the ability to play loud/soft) and preferably have weighted keys.  Guitars should be tuned each practise and be fitted for the studetns size.

All students are encouraged, not forced, to participate in at least two performing opportunites and in studio challenges through the year.


Priority registration will always be given to families enrolled in June of the previous year, including their siblings.  New students will be asked to complete an application for registration before being accepted.  An interview lesson may also be requested.


Tuition Fees*

In The Groove Studio values the vital role teachers play in the development of both musicianship and life skills.  Costs are calculated to pay teachers a fair rate and cover the cost of studio expenses. Wendy Stevens has an excellent link to better help you understand:  Where Does My Tuition Go? (Note: create an ITG version of this)

• Annual Enrolment Fee: $100 - reserves lesson time, covers cost of all books, materials, prizes, recitals, online resources, educational app fees/subscriptions, printing, program development and more.  Exam or festival fees are additional. 

• Advance Fees - Payable by cheque or credit card at first lesson of year/semester.

◦ Annual - $1040, 10% discount - Due: 1st lesson in September.  

◦ Semester 1, Sep-Dec - $445, 3% discount 

◦ Semester 2, Jan-Jun  - $655, 5% discount

• Monthly Payments - Post-dated cheques for Sep-June are due at the first lesson in Sep.

◦ $115/month (shared); 

◦ $153/month (private)


For students that have mobile devices, please consider a budget of $25/year for teacher approved apps, web-based subscriptions, or purchase of music to enhance at-home practice and learning.

Instrument Rentals

Rentals available for short-term use = $30/month


Due as needed.


Lesson Times & Schedule

Private Lessons:

Group Lessons: Lessons will be booked in 1 hour blocks, shared between two students.  The time is split between the Music Lab, individual time with the teacher, and group music activities or duets.  In some cases it is more suitable for a student to have a private 1 hour lesson. Please discuss this with me. Lessons will be from Sep X to Jun X,with a break over Christmas and in March for Spring Break. Additional breaks for “flex weeks” may be scheduled to accommodate teacher cancellations (ie.  sick days).  Lessons are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.


Cancellation Policies

Regular and prompt attendance is required to make progress in the development of musical skills. If you are unable to attend, please cancel BEFORE the lesson by phone, text or email.           

Student Absences:  The tuition you pay reserves your weekly lesson time, time which cannot be resold. A student who cannot attend will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.   

Teacher Absences: Teachers have “flex weeks” built into their schedule to account for unexpected illness or events, which they may use to reschedule at any time.  Your account will be issued a “make-up credit,”  which is available until Aug 31st of the same calendar year. 

Rescheduled Lessons: It is the responsibility of the 

teacher to reschedule any teacher absences, at an alternate time agreed upon by the student.  If a rescheduled lesson is cancelled or missed, the make-up credit will still be deducted from your account.  

Weather Conditions: Please assume lessons will take place. As some families travel from out of town, please contact the studio if you are uncomfortable with the safety of driving conditions.

If your child is ill, please consider the well-being of other families who use the space when making a decision to attend or not.  


Music Lab + Instruments

Music Labs are technology enhanced learning.  New students will be required to sign an internet safety and acceptable computer use policy, witnessed by parents.  Students are expected to respect all studio property and to use equipment carefully to avoid the cost of replacing intentionally broken items.  Normal wear and tear is expected.  


Media Release Consent

Student projects often include audio/video recordings and photo’s.  Parents are required to indicate their preferences for this media material (ie. public use, studio use only).

Dismissals & Termination

In The Groove Studio respects that students have the right to choose to end lessons at any time. Ideally this decision is made thoughtfully, with discussion between the parent, child and teacher.  If for any reason, you must stop lessons, 1 month’s WRITTEN notice is required (email/text is sufficient). 


Teachers also reserve the right to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur: ongoing failure to pay tuition on time, persistent absences, uncooperative attitude, disrespective behaviour towards fellow students or teachers, failure to follow practice as instructed or lack of progress due to insufficient practice or completion.